Pirate stories are one of the best to hear around a bonfire while roasting marshmallows or drinking a nice hot beverage. These stories inspire even the little ones to want to act out being pirates. Some go as far as to get their parents to get them eye patches, a hook on their arm or a stump on their leg to mimic some of the legendary pirates.

Some real-life pirate stories are so good that they have been adapted into movies such as Pirates of the Caribbean, which won a lot of awards. Many books, as well as games, have also been developed to tap into this market.

Pirate Games

One of the most notable pirate games to date is Assassins Creed. This game has sold millions of copies and is loved by people of all ages. What makes it very interesting is the storyline and how one can unlock certain characters within the game after completing certain missions. Black Flag, which forms part of the Assassins Creed games features a group of outlaws who refuse to bend the knee to anyone and pledge their allegiance to their crew members. These pirates roam the seven seas and live as they please without anyone telling them what to do.

There are many similar games found online that are both realistic and captivating. They are so thrilling that players can literally play for hours without getting bored. A great place to get similar games is Unibet. This site is home to so many interesting games from card games to pirate games. It also has a vast collection of realistic casino games such as poker. If you are interested, you can open an account here by clicking the link and following the quick and easy steps.

Next up on the list is Monkey Island. This game has been around for a long time now. One of the first games by this company was made in the ’90s. This game is centred around the Caribbean and has a third-person perspective. The game is very interesting and fun considering that technology was not yet that advanced at the time.

Pirates of the Caribbean is also a great pirate game worth playing. It is based on the best seller novels as well as the beloved award-winning movies. It features a Captain named Jack Sparrow, who is a rather strange person. He seems to be winging half the things he does and his crew from time to time have doubts about him, but things always turn out great in the end. He is renowned among other pirates due to his accomplishments and tales, which are sometimes false, are told about his. Each and every game from the Pirates of The Caribbean franchise follows a specific theme from the movie it is derived from.

Besides these action-packed pirate movies for teenagers and above, there are also very fun and entertaining pirate games for kids. These games are centred around pirates but do not have the violence and graphic detail that the other ones have. They focus on the educational side and make learning for children fun. They teach children lots of fun and interesting things such as the number of seas and oceans that are there on the planet. They inform them about boats, sailing and treasure. They even tell the stories of some of the notorious sea thieves that ever lived in a way that is safe for children.

Some of these games enhance children’s thinking by making them take part in puzzles and quizzes. These fun activities not only teach them about general knowledge but also helps them to solve problems at a tender age in a fun and interactive way.

There are so many pirate games out there to mention in this article. There are games designed for different purposes, and they are not that difficult to find. If, like most people you find it hard to find interesting games online, Unibet is your best bet.