Piracy has been around for centuries now, and it has always died and been reborn with different minded individuals. The Golden Ages saw the rise and fall of some of the most notorious pirates that ever lived. These pirates were not only merciful but also tactful and revered in their circles. Their acts of bravery and cruelty have inspired a number of modern-day films.

The Hub of Piracy

The new age has brought about a different kind of pirate. One that is technologically advanced and armed to the tooth with heavy-duty weapons. This new breed of pirates just has notorious as the predecessors. Modern-day piracy had dwindled but just like in the past, it has risen up again from the ashes. The majority of piracy that we have in the world is centred around the coast of Somalia.

This has to do with its strategic position, close to routes that carry important cargo. The economic situation in Somalia has also left people to implore such tactics in order for them to survive and put food on the table. The new age pirates do not have ships full of gold to steal, so they settle for anything valuable they can get their hands on. They are well known for attacking fishing vessels as well as cargo ships that carry goods that are in high demand. These stolen goods are sold off quickly to the highest bidder on the black market and tracing them is virtually impossible.

Besides cargo, pirates often raid ships that carry small amounts of money such as port fees or payment for workers. They rarely hijack cruise ships because these require a lot of manpower as well as firepower and they often do not have both. There is no doubt that a new trend that has been occurring in the pirate world is kidnapping people and asking for a steep ransom in exchange for their safe return. They mostly target foreigners who they suspect can cough up the ransom they require.

Other noteworthy piracy hubs in the world are Indonesia and Nigeria. In Indonesia, piracy here takes place in areas known as chokepoints. The Strait of Malacca is one of the areas that is most affected by pirate activity. There are a lot of ships that pass by here with a lot of valuable goods which make them targets for the ruthless pirates. This area has been known to have very violent attacks on crew members that refused to comply with the pirate’s orders.

In Nigeria, it is said that approximately 2 billion USD is lost annually due to the raids conducted by these sea thieves. Just like in Somalia and Indonesia, these pirates have become so sophisticated that they know how to evade authorities. They have heavy ammunition such as rocket launchers and AK 47’s, which intimidate their victims. They have speed boats that are also mounted with guns, which makes them very quick and deadly. It seems like this practice of piracy in these regions will not end any time soon due to the financial gain the sea thieves get.

It is very difficult for authorities to combat piracy successfully because it is very costly. Large numbers of coast guards have to be employed on a permanent basis. They also have to be equipped with a lot of firepower as well as fast boats.