It, not a secret that when we think about pirates, we always have a mix of love and hate feelings. We can’t help but love them due to all the legendary stories about them floating around. Little kids can sometimes be seen with eye patches or swords made from foil or other material. Old sheets are taken and painted black to represent pirate sails.

History of Pirates

Pirates or sea thieves, as they are sometimes called, have been around for a very long time doing what they do best. They have been a menace to lots of vessels carrying precious goods. They mostly targeted ships that carried gold or any goods that they could sell off quickly and make easy money. There have been a lot of notorious pirates throughout history. Most of these infamous sea thieves have inspired many to write books as well as to adapt movies based on their lives. One of the notable ones is Blackbeard. He was well known in the pirate world because of his borderline insane tactics. These tactics, however crazy they were, worked because they gripped his enemies with fear. People would think twice before crossing him.

The Great Era’s of Piracy

There have been three distinct eras of piracy throughout history, and these are the Golden Ages, Middle Ages as well as the New Age. All these eras have their own notorious and yet craft captains that will forever remain in the history books. They all lived by outlaws and gained wealth and respect through their lifestyles. Sadly, all the greats saw untimely deaths through the same acts of violence they were known for.

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Pirate Games

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